InBody 270

Quick, easy, accurate body composition testing

Body Composition Testing

InBody 270

The InBody test is a non-invasive, contactless body composition analysis that measures fat mass, muscle mass, body water levels and resting metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn at rest) in just 15 seconds. These results aid in tracking overall health progress over time as well as setting and attaining measurable goals for success.

InBody 270 machine

What to Expect from Your InBody Assessment

A complete print out of body composition results provided during each test, with a brief 15 minute explanation on how to interpret the results.

InBody results chart.

Preparing for Your InBody Assessment

On the day of your InBody test, we recommend following the below tips in order to ensure your results are as accurate as possible:

  • Maintain normal hydration routine (do not over or under hydrate).
  • Remove all metal objects.
  • Do not exercise or eat 3 hours prior.
  • Do not consume excess caffeine or alcohol 24 hours prior (outside of normal routine).
  • Do not sauna or shower immediately before testing.
  • Don't use lotion on hands or feet immediately before testing.
Body Composition Assessment test being administered.

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Single InBody test with brief explanation of results.

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Package of 6 InBody tests with brief explanation of results.

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Single InBody test, girth measurements, consultation on results and goals.

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