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"Studies indicate that our mental firepower is directly linked to our physical regimen. And nowhere are the implications more relevant than our performance at work."

-Ron Friedman, Harvard Business Review

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Corporate Offerings

Body Composition Screening

Body composition is one of the most important metrics an individual can monitor when assessing their health. Yet, most people are completely unaware of this number. Achieving and maintaining a healthy body composition is directly linked to many chronic health conditions, preventable diseases, and metabolic function alike. Assessing one's body composition serves as a proactive health protective measurement that encourages and supports living a healthy life.

Body composition testing
Train Right Fitness wellness

Wellness Seminars

Our wellness seminars are designed to traverse and simplify often confusing topics in the world of health and wellness. Cut through the confusion and provide clarity to your employees with one of our below listed seminars or reach out to us with a topic of your choosing, and we will custom design a seminar to fit your specific needs.

  • What is Exercise and How to Properly Perform It?
  • Calories, Nutrition, and Supplementation
  • Obesity - A Public Epidemic
  • Resistance Exercise Training as a Countermeasure to Age-Related Chronic Disease
  • The Importance and Role of Sleep

Wellness Challenges

Custom programs built to drive employee engagement and participation in wellness initiatives. Examples include health competitions, weekly nutrition advice or company-wide wellness movements.

Each challenge includes:

  • Kickoff, Midpoint and Conclusion seminars (:30 mins each)
  • Appointment-based “office hours”
  • Weekly email content with tips, recipes, motivation, challenge updates
  • Pre/Post Body Composition Testing
  • Prizing for winners
Train Right Fitness wellness challenges
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Corporate Partnerships

The best way to illustrate our corporate partnerships is to think of Train Right Fitness as an extension of your corporate wellness offerings and initiatives. We work directly alongside you to enhance and optimize the health and wellness of your workforce.

  • Ideal company size = up to 250 employees
  • Annual contracts
  • TRF corporate wellness liaison assigned directly to you for the length of the contract
  • Annual kickoff/renewal seminars and full services review with all of your employees
  • All of TRF's training and body composition services are available directly to your employees (and their direct family members) at our reduced "Corporate Partnership" rates
Train Right Fitness personal training

On-site Personal Training

Are you a building manager or property owner who is looking to add the ultimate tenant amenity to your property? If so, we would love the opportunity to talk with you! Now more than ever before companies are investing in the health and wellness of their employees. Attract and retain more quality tenants with Train Right Fitness on-site at your property! Benefits include:

  • Reduced personal training rates for all building tenants
  • Opportunities for tenants to engage in corporate partnerships or any of the above listed corporate services to solidify their health and wellness offerings
  • Convenience of on-site personal training and body composition services

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