Strength Training

Efficient, evidence-based personal training rooted in the latest strength training research.

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Training Plans tailored to your unique body & Goals.

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"Significant improvements in both strength and body-composition were observed only in programmed and/or supervised Resistance Training."

-Mann, et al. 2018

Exercising on a machine


There is simply no escaping the fact that if we want change, hard work is a requirement. This is true in all walks of life and exercise is no exception to this rule. At Train Right Fitness, each exercise is performed to the point of momentary muscle failure; the point in which another repetition cannot be performed. With our workouts, you will experience the hardest and simultaneously the safest workout of your life!

One-on-One Training

  • Time: 30 minute session (60 mins/week total)
  • Frequency: 2x/week
  • Maximum supervision
  • Workouts designed specifically for you
  • Greater variety in exercise prescription
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Brandon training a client.
Train Right Fitness group training

Small Group Training

  • Time: 45 minute session (90 mins/week)
  • Frequency: 2x/week
  • Never exceeds 3:1 client to trainer ratio
  • Workouts tailored to your specific needs
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