About Our Trainers

"Great vision without great people is irrelevant."

-Jim Collins, Author of Good to Great

Kimberly Land

Personal Trainer


B.A. Sociology of Law, Criminology, & Deviance, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


Hiking, kayaking, yoga, gardening, live music and cooking


Kimberly transitioned from her former career in Mental Health and Social Services into the field of Health and Wellness by going back to school to become a Health Coach. As a former athlete who has long had a passion for fitness and fueling the body with delicious and nutritious foods, this transition was a natural one for her. She takes pride in her deep understanding of the human psyche and ability to understand the why behind behaviors, which she utilizes to encourage lasting positive change in the clients she works with. Outside of the gym, Kimberly can be found enjoying time with her husband and rescue pups, sampling the fare at local restaurants, digging in her garden, or hitting the trails and lakes.

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